Sunday, July 31, 2011


   Have you noticed that everyone and anyone acts like an expert about any subject talked about ? You can go to any web site no matter how wrong that web site is and get the facts that back up "your" story. If you watch T.V. or the "news" ( if that's what you want to call it. I call it opinion stations ) you will have 5 people up on the screen and they will have 5 different "facts" about the same subject and yet argue that they are right and the other 4 are wrong. When all 5 may be wrong, we can not find the truth about anything anymore because of all the information overload. Work and home or at a place with lots of people you will the same mess ( try and sit back and take notice next time people start talking like they are experts ).

    Have you noticed also that these "news" stations have selective hearing or memory ? They only hear or remember what they want to just to fit their " beliefs". We can all be listening to what someone is saying and then the "news person" will turn around and act like what was just said was not even said. These 2 things I am "blogging" about are the main reason nothing gets done or fixed in this world anymore. It happens at home, work, at school, and now in politics. I was watching C-SPAN last night and those fools in Washington D.C. was doing both of the subjects I am blogging about, and all they got done was name calling yelling and arguing. They said they had the "answer" to our debt problem and the other side didn't ( yet they then say their solution was like the other persons solution).

   People need to stop acting like a doctor and stop using WEB M.D. for everything and go to a real "expert" about the subject they want to get answers on. I think Washington needs to do the same.

   GET EDUCATED AND STOP TRYING TO BE THE EDUCATOR, when we know nothing about nothing. Let's stop trying to take credit for our wrong ideas and try to make them right. If you tell a story long enough it will become true facts. Look at the " news" stations.

   Todays blog can fit into any situation in your life. That is my "opinion" not a fact. LOL

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   QUOTE OF THE DAY ; People are like  guided missiles. Without a target, they wander aimlessly across the horizon and eventually self-destruct. ( EDGE KEYNOTE )

Saturday, July 30, 2011


  How many of you are sick and tired of everyone in Washington pointing fingers and blaming everyone around them or before them? If any of them played baseball and was to come in the 8th inning with bases loaded and 1 out, would they pitch out of the situation? I don't think they got the mind set to man up and finish the baseball game. They would stand on the mound look at what they walked into and complain to the coach that if the starting pitcher had done his job they would not have bases loaded and a tied up ball game.

    America needs some good relief pitchers right now. We are in the 8th inning with bases loaded and the clean up hitter (debt and spending issue ) is at bat . Right now the stadium ( American people) is booing as loud as we can at the players in the game, because the game sucks real bad ( and the pitching is even worse ). All of this talk on T.V. with the complaining and finger pointing is sick. I do not recall a Cy young pitcher after a lost game or a  hall of fame reliever saying it was not their fault for losing. They man up and take responsibility , SO SHOULD YOU WASHINGTON.

    Now on to my hot stones. I was talking to my grandmother the other day and she had a neat story. She is in her 90's and she was saying how this world has changed. She told a story of how as a child she kept warm at night by having hot stones in her bed wrapped up to keep her warm. And I said to her that things was more simple back then with less stress. Now a days we keep warm with space heaters made in other countries. I think all Americans need to start using stones to keep warm again. They don't kill people by burning down the house like these faulty space heaters ( not made in America ). But they will kill the GREED of the C.E.O.'s who exported American jobs , and they will kill the jobs of the other countries who build those faulty space heaters.

  No stones in my yard took away any American jobs , nor will they make any C.E.O. rich. Let's go back to more simpler times without all these gadgets ( not made in AMERICA). Heck if my grandmother in her 90's or your grand parents did so can we. We need to prove a point and boycot companies that sent American jobs out of this country. So grab your stones and yell I ain't gonna take it anymore ( while you watch the relief pitchers get us out of this jam).

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   QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Less is more ( American stones over space heaters from other countries). RESTORE OUR PRIDE..

Friday, July 29, 2011


  When I put this word up, what is the first person or group of people that comes to your mind? For me , it is the group of "leaders" that are turning this great country of ours into a BUTTERFACE NATION ( previous blog ), and they are waiting until later ( previous blog ;)) to fix this mess. The "leaders" in Washington D.C. tell us we need to make sacrifices. WE ARE, they are not.

   They are playing with the worlds future thinking it will hurt the other party for their gain . It's all about them and no one else. I am not going to use this blog as a rip into any one party . ALL of them KIDS in Washington D.C. are at fault. They want to cut Social Security , Medicare, Medicaid, and tell us we need to plan for our own retirement ( 401K ). Yet they have a pension paid in full by us with our taxes ( it is not a 401K ). It is a rich mans welfare check ( and yet there are people out here who talk down about welfare, when it is for the poor ). They want us to pay for our own health care , yet they have free care PAID for by us. They tell us to pay our taxes, yet there are some who have not paid taxes and only got a write up. WE would go to prison.

  They talk about global warming, yet you read about some of them having utility bills as high as $5,000 a month ( and drive or be driven in huge cars owned by the government paid for by our taxes ). They want to get rid of Freddie and Fannie yet some of them used that very loan system to buy $500,000 homes before they was against it. They want to get rid of farm subsidies, yet there are some who have made $150,000 off of that program. They want to cut Federal Grants for College kids, yet they themselves used those very grants to get where they are today. There are some who says Washington needs to pay their bills and stop spending like crazy, yet there are "leaders" in Washington right now getting sued for back child support in excess of $140,000. There are some who want to raise retirement age, yet they can not even work a full week without taking a vacation for 2 weeks.

  There are some who want to get rid of Medicare and Medicaid, yet they have family members who have made millions off of those good programs before they was against it. Washington tells us to pay off our credit card bills. Are they ?? We are told to take care of business. Are they??? We are told to make sacrafices !! Are they?? How many of them have been in the military ?? Yet some want to cut spending on that. Do they not understand how the rest of the world works??

   I was watching TMZ the other day, and they brought up an interesting therory. They was talking about how if you don't want to do a job and you are asked to do it, mess up on purpose and act like you have no idea what you are doing. That sounds like what the " leaders" of our great country are doing right at this minute. I think they are doing all of this double talk on camera to bring labor and the work force so far down, that we AMERICANS are so desperate for work and money that we will work for pennies on the dollar. They may be laughing on their $ 500 wine behind doors while eating pizza talking about how to make eachother look bad. That way we on the outside have no idea what is going on.


 QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Prepare ! The time will come when winter will ask what you were doing all summer. ( Henry Clay )

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Short comings in life, can turn into a nice ride.

   Have you ever heard someone say, " man why do I always get the short end of the stick"? At times I myself have said that or thought that. But with my recent layoff, I have found that maybe that old saying can become a good thing in a persons life. In my past blog I wrote about finding a stress relief in life. Well you can take that stress relief and turn it into a new beginning or career if you want to  'think outside the box". What if your hobby is painting or sewing. Become a famous painter or clothes designer. What if you love exercising, become a fitness trainer or just work at a gym. What if you're an engineer , but at home you love to work in your yard? Take your hobby and career and become a owner of your own landscaping business. What if you write poems for relaxation. If the right person reads them, you might get them published and make a living out of that. Take that "small stick" and turn it into a pencil and become a writer of books or movies.

    Don't feel like just because you got the short stick that you have bad luck. Look at it this way, the person who drew the large stick has to put all his energy carrying that large stick around and won't be able to find his true love in life. Do not feel like you have to keep doing what you are doing in life because it looks good to others. Do what makes you have a stress free life. You may end up living longer . It's not about money all the time or about a status symbol. It's about that smile on your face when you walk in that front door. Smiles are contagious, spread it around. Long "blog ( story) " short. Now is the time to turn your life around for the good.

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   QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Sometimes the smallest lit candle in the darkest room is the brightest thing in your life. Use it to guide you out of that dark room. ( ME )

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a crazy thought.

   Have you ever drove down the street and seen kids riding bike or skateboards with protective gear on ? Or have you watched kids play sports and they have all of these pads or braces on ? I remember a time when we as kids would go out and ride bikes or whatever and never knew what a helmet or pads were . To me all of this over protective way of life today may be making kids more violent . Here me out. I will compare it to a person in jail who is on 23 hour lock down. Yes people in jail are violent by nature. But the people in jail say they become more violent because they are restricted to their movements ( 23 hour lockup). So to me having your kids in all of this protective gear is like 23 hour lockup. Let your kids go out and knock their head on the concrete or bruise up their knees. That way they will be to tired or sore and not wanna fight others so much. Back when us adults was kids this world was less violent and we never had this Nerf football mentality. We had all kinds of cuts and bruises and headaches. That's just my silly take on one thing in life.

    Oh before I go , there is a "new game" going on in Missouri. It is called the knockout game. What it is , is kids will run up behind you and punch the living snot out of your head to "knock" you out. They think it's funny and fun ( and I bet these kids had to play with protective gear on when they was smaller ). There have been some people killed by this game in Missouri. So if you have not heard of this game, be on the look out for it and be safe. Have you kids ride skateboards or bikes with no gear on and let them "knock" their heads on the concrete. That way they will know what pain feels like and then this violence may stop. LOL. Enjoy and pass this on.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY ; What is it going to be- reasons or results? ( Art Turock )

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


  There are two ways to look at how Washington D.C. is handling this debt crisis. First one, have you ever been in a relationship and had to go run to the drug store to get a pregnancy test ? After the test is taking the couple sits and waits for the results , hoping for the out come you want ( whether you want a positive or negative is up to you) . You are nervous not knowing what the outcome will be , not knowing how this will change your future. Well America and the rest of the world is sitting and waiting for Washington to show their pregnancy test results . If they fix this debt ceiling then the test is negative ( that's good because we will not have a money issue worse then it is now ). If they keep clowning and waiting till later then it will be a positive pregnancy test ( our lives will forever be changed and we will not know if that is good or bad , and we don't need to find out the hard way). So let's all hope that Washington D.C. has a negative pregnancy test so we can get on with our lives.

   Here is a second way to look at the "kids" in Washington D.C. and the debt ceiling mess. I am not a big fan of all of this computer stuff we now rely on ( we have gotten lazy). But there is a few times I love this technology. Like with my Jeep and it making a beeping sound when I drive off and not release my emergency brake. It reminds me how absent minded I am and save me thousands of $$$ . I think the politicians in Washington D.C. needs a computer chip put in them ( like my Jeep ) and every time they move, think, talk or blink it beeps to remind them how absent minded they are ( like me LOL ). The political leaders in Washington needs to be turned into Jeeps so they don't drive off with their emergency brake on and cost the rest of the world their lives and income.

 QUOTE OF THE DAY ; A dream without a gaol is just a wish ( Bill Cole ).

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stress and pressure

   Have you ever seen a poor person who looked way over weight , and thought to yourself " they are cheating the system because how can a person with no money be fat"? But when you see a rich person you think, " well they are eating good or have not missed a meal ( look at the rich car or clothes they have on they can afford a lot of food )"? Well they both have one thing in common as to why they may be overweight, and that's STRESS. Stress will cause people to gain weight no matter if they eat a lot or not ( yes people can not eat because of stress as well). But the overweight person whether rich or poor may only eat very little. They both have one thing in common and that's STRESS. So do not assume that things are going well for the overweight person, and that the overweight poor person is cheating the system. It may be that both have STRESS in their lives. The rich person may be stressed because they run a company. The poor person may be stressed because they can not pay their bills or feed their kids. Both different life styles, but both have stress.

   As far as the skinny poor or rich person goes, they may not be eating because of STRESS. A lot of us think right off the bat that the skinny person eats right and exercises because they are thing. They may be as unhealthy as the overweight person due to STRESS, they just are not eating enough.

  This word STRESS to me is live a ball with to much air in it. And this world has way to many over filled balls bouncing around. We all need to find that hobby that lets the air out of our balls so we can enjoy life. If this world does not find the needle ( hobby) to let the air out we will all explode, and I see that starting to happen on T.V. and around me where ever I go. Let's deflate our balls people and enjoy life. STOP THE STRESS A.S.A.P.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY; A Jamaican proverb ( a friend of mine who is Jamaican would say this to me) ; STAY WITH THE EVIL THAT YOU KNOW. That means some people are so use to being in messed up life styles that is feels normal to them.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Before I get started with today's brain matter. I just would like to say it was a great day watching my daughter play volleyball at a college scout camp.

   Now onto my topic at hand. Anybody reading this "blog" can relate to this definition. The definition of BUTTERFACE : It's a lady who is hot and sexy looking BUT HER FACE. Get it? She has a sexy body,but a tore up looking face. Now you are wondering What is a BUTERFACE NATION? A butterface nation is like this. All of the people of their country is the sexy hot body of a lady ( they are nice and pleasant people). But the ugly face of their nation are all of the political people running their country ( ugly tore up face ). The political people represent their country to the other countries of this wonderful world. Everybody wants to enjoy life and get along. But the politicians run amuck and make their country look mean and ugly to the other countries ( by the laws they create and the wars they start ). When will the politicians start to look like a pretty face to the other countries and to the country people they represent? I bet all can relate no matter what country you are from. I know this is a short "blog", but I am tired and it got to the point .

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   QUOTE OF THE DAY ; The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so. ( WILLIAM RALPH INGE ).

Saturday, July 23, 2011


   Today I was driving back home from the vet. and I saw something that was surprising, yet not surprising at the same time. I was at very busy intersection and this car was turning left and did not wait for the cross traffic to clear. This car proceeded to hit the car that had the right away hard on the drivers side, and burnt rubber ( didn't even stop). The lady that got hit stopped because that's what anyone would do. The person that hit the car kept going ( he must have been riding dirty ). Well the cars behind this poor lady started to honk at her ass if she was a nuisance and no one got out to check on her to see if she was okay. I would have checked on her, but I was in no position to get to her. By the time I was able to drive ( green light ) she had driven off from all the honkers behind her. What would have you done? Got out and helped , or thought about yourself and honked at her so you could get home to your house?

   Just look at today's kids. They make videos of other kids getting their a$$ whooped and put it up on the Internet thinking it's funny. Where has the compassion and happy people gone? Will you be the person with compassion or the person who is only concerned about what affects your life? If your the second choice you can change now and help change this would to a better place. We as humans have good habits and bad habits. In this case a good habit is helping others. If you have the good habit , pass it on. If you have the bad habit you can fix that by changing your behavior now not later.

  Yesterday I saw this old person in his scooter going down a hill on a busy street. I thought to myself if he hit a curb or rock and tipped over. Would I (1) help, (2) laugh, (3) drive off? I would choose number 1. What would you choose? You can take this question and apply it to every aspect of your life. Look at the corporate world. All of the big wigs with power are choosing #2 and #3. They are laughing all the way to the bank while they drive off after you fell over ( got laid off ). Look at these inhuman videos on T.V. or the Internet. People either laying dead in the street or getting killed and people choosing #2, and #3. EVERY PERSON IN THIS WORLD NEEDS TO START CHOOSING # 1 NOW, NOT LATER.

 QUOTE of the day ; Be absolutely determined to enjoy what you do. ( Gerry Sikorski )


  This blog is about nothing , because I just woke up 10 minutes ago . I also need to run the crazy JACK RUSSELL/BEAGLE mix to the vet.. But when I saw this article I only thought " are you kidding me"? After she put out a dirty movie of herself she is suing over this? Kim Kardashian has turned into a money whore and a gold digger from all angles. HOLLYWOOD, you are turning into a joke in the eyes of the working poor on up to the middle class. Because HOLLYWOOD you have no CLASS when you do crap like this.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Economy getting better??? For who???? Not the majority.

  This article says the economy is healthy for the corporate sector . I didn't say anything about the economy getting any better for those who are looking for a job. It's only better for the ones who gain a nice profit off of the back of the working poor. I think the word GREED has something to do with the "big dogs". Unemployment is still high as all get out. So from my angle the economy is not getting better is the same or worse. Go to the unemployment office or food pantries, then try saying the economy is better in front of all the people there. 


Another day of an unemployed man. ;) NEVER LATER NOW.

  When I was about to blog about an hour ago, my daughter called. She needed me to pick her up from the pool because someone took a dumb in the pool and it was floating all over the pool ( like in Caddyshack ) LOL. And this is where this blog is going. Let's talk about the word LATER.

   I bet this person was thinking "I'll go to the restroom later". That didn't happen. Other times if you or me asks someone to do something, what do we say? I'll do it later. If you think about it, LATER never gets here. Because later is never now or 2 hours from now. It's later. You can chase later until the end of the world and never get to later,because you are always in the present tense. So why don't all of us get that pain in the neck word out of our vocabulary and never say later again. Next time someone asks you for a favor or a task say, " I'll do it in 1 hour or 10 minutes from now". Because when you put a limit on time ,you will run into that time frame when 1 hour gets here.

   Now onto something else. How many of us know someone who always find fault in what people do? If you say I do , then you are not the one finding fault in a persons action. If you say I don't know anyone like that, then you're the one who finds fault in others. Praise others , whether you would do what they do or not. Finding fault only causes tension and anger in the air. That's what is wrong with society anymore. It happens in all of the countries in this world. Look at one show in particular " HELLS KITCHEN". That dude has real issues and finds fault in all of the cooks even though they enjoy what they do. Look at "FOX NEWS". They find fault in every person in Washington D.C. that is not a Republican. And look at what both shows brings. Anger,hate,resentment. Nothing good comes out of people finding fault in other peoples love of life, hobbies, jobs, life styles. Just let people be happy and QUIT doing the fault game. And if you know someone who finds fault ignore their negative words. DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO. Live your life and go down your road. Make yourself happy. Don't try to please the fault finders, because you never will. Once you change for the fault finders, they will criticize you for doing that. DO YOUR THING NOT ANYONE ELSE'S...

    I had a good day at the unemployment office today. The very nice ladies gave me some very good tools to use in the future. I just need to start using their ideas starting Monday. Not later because later will never get here...HAHAHAHAHAHHA.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

You do a lot of thinking driving in a car all alone.

On my way home while i was driving in my car. A few things was flying in my dome as I was driving. First LIL WAYNE has got to be THE worst rapper in the industry EVER. When he 'raps' he sounds like a poodle with a dry ass trying to fart in the desert sand of Arizona. Or an ass stuffed with a sock trying to fart into a microphone. Who said he was good? Granted he has great advertisers out there pushing his junk into the radio waves. If he was to be underground and live off talent alone. He would be unemployed just like me LOL. Now if you wanna talk about talent in the rap industry. All you need to do is stay right here in KANSAS CITY,MISSOURI metro and you got it all. First you have TECH N9NE, enough said. Then you have the likes of MAC LETHAL,KRIZZ KALIKO, KUTT  CALHOUN, IRV DA PHENOM, RON RON, B DOUBLE E..And this is just K.C. talent.

   Now onto what I was thinking about. Since I was laid off, I have done some venting with close family and friends. So I decided to give them a break and go to a "professional" about how to mentally deal with this. I have never been without a job this long in my life, and I'm 45. While I was in her office, I began to think. Who is the nutty one her or me??? Because to me she acted like she was either drunk or off the dance floor trying to dance ( nuts). I asked her why do people act the way they act? Trying to get a "professional" answer out of her. She turned to me and yelled " why don't you write a book and give ME the ANSWERS". She said she does not deal with why questions. So she proceeded to ask my and and then mock me, saying" you act like a 3 year old crying WHY,WHY,WHY". I also said that I feel like I'm not good enough to have a job because I keep getting turned away. She said that's my choice. I then gave her a scenario of "well if you tell a fat chick she's pretty enough times she's gonna believe she's pretty, and if you tell a model she's fat she will think she's fat( hence not eating and looking real sick like Cosmo models)".Which if you think of it that's true. She said that's not true, those are choices you make. That's not human nature! Her theory to me is nutty , cuzz people tend to believe what they hear if they are told it enough. Even if it's a lie ( like people say you look good in that outfit knowing damn well you look like crap) LOL. She got real uptight when I made the point that college degrees don't make a person smart.

   I told her how "college" minded people are ripping some companies apart. She then told me to stop looking for handouts because she never had anything given to her. I was thinking where is this nutty "professional" coming from. I never said anything about handouts or that anyone "owes" me anything. I feel worthless if I'm given a "handout" or without a job.

  QUOTE of the hour ; if you're happy about what you did yesterday, then you have done nothing today". and remember to check out the adds on my blog. Thank you for reading.

The weather is uncomfortable, just like the economy.

The weather in Missouri today is a pain just like the job market. I just keep having the thought of trying to find work run through my head 24/7. When I'm alone I'm not so worried, but when I see my teenage daughter and remember I have no income I get choked up.

  I as a grown man want to just scream and ask what is wrong with today's life style ? It seams as though the ones with money or power ( hire or fire or make laws) think everything is okay. Well in their little bubble it is, but the truth is there is to much GREED and not enough kindness in this world anymore ( and if you say that around those people, they yell "stop talking about class warfare"). Cuzz they know they are doing the rest wrong!!! All of the excuses for not hiring any walking human is a joke. You're told that " well at the last job you made twice as much as you will here,so when the market turns around you will leave and find more money." Well if that's how a person running a company thinks, shouldn't that person worry about the 80% of workers he/she has working for him/her that will leave? I can bet all of my $.50 in my sofa cushions that the person thinking like that is treating the company employees pretty crappy. The way these companies have the qualifications anymore 90% of the unemployed don't qualify. We are either over qualified or under qualified. Or they determine if we can work for them based off of our credit.

   WHO IN THE HELL has good credit anymore, other then the top 5%???? If we as grown ups can get the people with power and money to start being kind and nice and not be so greedy ( and think about ME,ME,ME,ME) all the time, maybe just maybe the jobs will come back and more smiles will be walking past you saying," good morning". Instead we have yelling, stealing, shootings, lay-offs ,going out of business signs all over, empty buildings ,ran down homes, and two 5 million dollar homes at the top of the mountain ( with the owners drinking $2000 wine) and laughing all the way to the bank. While the rest ( the few who have jobs ) try to figure out how to feed the family and get medicine for the sick child at home. OH and another excuse is "well taxes are to high" Our taxes are at the lowest it has been in decades, yet the unemployment is at the highest since the '30's. Canada and Europe have way higher taxes and they have such low unemployment it's what America should have ( low unemployment).

   To me as an unemployed average man, taxes has no conection to workers. Greed has a connection, " more work with less workers and even less pay" causes high unemployment. If taxes had a connection , unemployment should be at .3% . Instead the "real world" unemployment is close to 15%, not this 9.2% that we hear on the news. Oh well that's enough for now. I'll be back on later. I know I have more to say about anything and everything. PEOPLE just need to BE NICE. 'Change your behavior, and your attitude will follow".

why am i still up???

It's 12:30 a.m. on a Thursday and I'm still up. I got so much to put on this blog, but I am getting tired. As time goes on I'll have long open diaries on here. There is so much for me to put on here but so little time, and my hands will get real tired if I sit here and type out my thoughts on things. I got some interesting ways at looking at life and situations. You will soon see that as time goes on. This is what I will be doing for a long time. I have been unemployed for over 1 month now and have yet to have an interview. I have applied to close to 50 companies and all have said the same thing. Oh well until next time . KEEP BREATHING ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

today i could use a beer

Today I had to go to the unemployment office. Some of the people you run into there makes you wonder how they function everyday on their own. WOW ( after a few hours of that you wanna have some beer). And Friday I have to go back for 4 hours. Oh well you got to do what you got to do. I need to go run 3 miles and hit the weights for about one hour. One day I will be lucky and land me a good job so I can pay bills and not lose my house and be homeless. If people in general would stop making excuses and blaming everyone but themselves. America would be better off. Remember folks when you point a finger at some one, there are three pointing right back at you.

I have no idea what I am doing. LOL

This is my first "blog". I have no idea what I am doing. I will get batter as time goes forward ( I hope ). I am 1 of many unemployed AMERICANS with no direction for the future. I keep applying for a career and I have yet to hit the "lotto". Until then here is a webpage you can go to and check out the merchandise. .