Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keep your refrigerator clean & don't let the ballon explode.

  The other day I opened my refrigerator looking for food , and all I found was science projects ( food with mold , past the life span ). And that got me to thinking how this relates to human emotions. If a person bottles up their emotions or feelings, their insides will turn into my refrigerator. That person will be empty except for the moldy food. Keeping that type of food in the fridge will make it smell real bad. So keeping emotions or feelings locked up and not let them out can or will cause health or emotional issues.

  Have you ever known a person who is an emotional wreck or into drugs ? Well they may have their fridge full of rotten food . If you do not open up that door and clean out your fridge , at some point it will be unopenable . Then they will be on medication or seeing a " professional " . If they had just cleaned out that fridge , then they could refill that fridge with fresh food . The fridge is your inner self and the food is your emotions.

  We are like a balloon, and our emotions is the air in the balloon. If you don't let the air out , the balloon will explode.  So let the air out of your balloon every now and then so it does not blow up.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; IF you are angry  at a person or situation, then that person or situation owns you. Don't be owned by anyone or anything.


  1. I like the way you used the fridge here (and I'll say nothing about the contents of your actual fridge *grin*). I think we all have our share of green and furry things growing inside us. Sometimes it takes a quick wipe, but others it takes repeated doses of powerful cleaners to get rid of all that mould. You're right though, it's worth doing and on a regular basis. Come on... ya gotta make room for the beer *wink*

  2. Yes, the beer. LOL. I'll add a few when I get a job and then have some fun. Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts.

  3. hey, man

    your writing is really good. keep on with the good blog and believe.

  4. Hello anonymous , thank you and I will keep this up. I have found out in my spare time ( which is a lot now ;)) that I like this "blog" game.