Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Love ..How do you define it?

  In the dictionary love is defined as an emotional feeling , passion , personal attachment. They say love is described as a feel good feeling. To me love is a choice not a feeling.

  When you first meet a person the " emotion" you feel is from physical attraction then the word love is thrown in there as an umbrella statement. When you are told you will be having pizza for supper , you get excited because you like how it taste . Then the word love is thrown in there as an umbrella statement. When you are told you are going to a movie or a sports game you get those butterfly feelings in your stomach. You are feeling excited, happy . The the word love is used as an umbrella statement.

  This how the word love is confused as a feeling. You are using this word when you " feel" an actual emotion and this is the first word thrown out there.

  Look at relationships. When you first meet a person you get all excited from the physical infatuation you have for that person . After a while that goes away because you are use to seeing how that person looks. Then people break up saying they fell out of "love". People break up out of choice. People think that in order to stay in "love" you have to have that butterfly feeling all the time. If you truly care for a person you will choose to stay together.

  If you stop getting excited about going to a movie or sports or eating you still choose to do all of the above because you enjoy it , it's something you like. Even if the last meal , movie, or sports game was boring and you was not excited after the events , you still keep doing them. Why? Because you choose to . Even after the excitement wears off if you want to keep doing them you choose to stay with it. Love has nothing to do with feelings, it's a choice.

  So don't confuse love with a feeling, it's not a feeling it's a choice. So next time you are with that special someone don't say I love you, say " I choose you ". Because at some point that lust will disappear and you will confuse that with the so called loosely used word "love" as leaving.

   When times get tough just tell yourself that you choose to make it work , that is if you really enjoy what you are doing.

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  P.S. This is my opinion, others may think differently.

    QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned. ( Mark Twain ).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


  Success has so many different definitions to so many people. What does the word success mean to you ? Is it like how it is defined in the dictionary ? In the dictionary they define it as ; a level of social status , achieving a goal , or the opposite of failure .

  So by those terms you are only successful if you have a big house , a high paying job , and you never fail at what you do. If that's the case , then the political leaders in Washington D.C. or the C.E.O.'s of corporations in cities like New York, Kansas City, Boston, Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Seattle , Miami , Dallas , Houston , Chicago ,Atlanta , Detroit , Montreal , Toronto ......or any other city in this world are successful ( only for them ). To me they are failures because they seam to be missing one word when you see them talk or the way they act , HAPPINESS .

  Happiness is what defines success ( in my eyes ). It does not matter if you have a 1 room apartment or work for $9.00 an hour. If you are happy , you are a success. If you don't run that mile in 4:30 or better or the quarter in 48 seconds or better, but walk away "happy" ( win or lose ), then you are a success. If your whole family is happy then that family is a success no matter what they wear or where they live.

  If you are a powerful person or make hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you are upset or unhappy at the end of the day ( even if you reach your goals or don't fail). Then to me you are not a success , because you are not happy.

  So I guess what I am saying is, do not let a book or a person or society decide of you are a success or not. Your definition of success may be way different then what is in this blog or who or what defines it. But remember you are the one that defines success.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; No one can make you feel inferior without your consent . ( Eleanor Roosevelt ).

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fallen trees make cash.

  About a month ago our town had a real bad storm. It up rotted huge trees and ripped up signs and power lines came unattached. Well there is this house down the street that had a tree that looks to be 50 + years old ( it was a huge tree ). During the storm it was ripped out of the ground roots and all. This tree landed on the home and about 3 cars.

  As I would drive by the home , each day the home owner would work at cutting the tree into smaller pieces. As time went on he had a pile of logs. And I started to notice piles of saw dust all over the yard. I felt sorry for this family because to me it looked like that they got the raw end of the deal.

  Well yesterday I noticed something. This family took this tree that destroyed their cars and made a mess of their yard and turned it into a great opportunity . They are using some of the tree to sell fire wood, and the rest of the tree they are making furniture and selling it.

  So the moral of this story is what ever fallen trees you have in your life , turn those fallen trees into a positive future . Learn to make cash out of your situation, or learn to make it a new road you will travel down in your life and look at the new landscape you will be passing now. Something good will become of your fallen trees. DON'T GIVE UP.

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  QUOTE OF THE DAY ; People are in greater need of your praise when they try and fail, then when they try and succeed. ( Bob Moawad ).

Sunday, August 7, 2011

STOP THIS CLASS WARFARE. I am so tired of hearing this..

  This blog is what I have experienced or have seen from a distance or up close. Remember not everyone sees or expediences the same thing in the same manner. But I want to talk about this "class warfare" I keep hearing some people scream. THE ANSWER IS IN THE LAST PARAGRAPH.

  Ever time someone less fortunate ( lower income ) says everyone needs to pay more taxes , class warfare is screamed ( by the "rich" folk ). The " rich " have this notion that raising taxes on everyone and have social safety nets for those who need them say it's " wealth distribution ". I say helping others who need help is the adult way of living life. When I had a job, even though I didn't make a lot of money I was always donating something to those who had less then me. It was and is the right thing to to.

  Paying more in taxes is easier then being in the military , like how I was in the military. You can't die for your country by paying taxes. Yes you may bring home a little less, but you are making America stronger because the bills are being paid.

  I have had people I have never met before and they tell me that by not making enough money and paying taxes I should not have the right to vote. And these same people never served a day in the armed forces like I did. These are the same people who will cry about taxes yet they will go buy a gadget that cost $1,000.00 and the gadget was never made in our country.

  To me the "class warfare" is being played upon the poor. The poor are the first to be let go. The programs to help the poor are the first to be cut. The only food the poor can afford are the most unhealthy. Yet the rich SCREAM " class warfare" when the word taxes is talked about. Hell most of the people who think they are rich and scream this are no where close to being rich. They have just been brain washed into thinking that because they hear people on T.V. say they are rich, just to get votes.

  On FOX NEWS ( I hate to say T.V. stations on my blog, but I got to this time ), they had this lady screaming and acting so irrational while she said this ; " Don't hire ' don't spend your money , don't believe a word the President says or the White House because they lie, don't invest a dime of your money , and hoard all of your cash ". And they had another person on there saying this  ; " the unemployed people are lazy and do not want to work. We need to stop paying unemployment because that's saying being lazy is okay".

  I would trade places with any of these people right now in a heart beat, and I would be more then happy to pay 40% in income taxes as well. Because that's more then what I got right now. Would any of you " rich" folk trade places with me ? I think we all know the answer to that question.

  Here is the answer to all of this back and forth crap. We get rid of Federal income taxes. We have a 10% consumer tax, and cut Federal spending by 10% on ALL Federal programs. That way there is none of this " class warfare" and all programs are still alive for those who need it. With a consumer tax everyone has a hand in the game .  People from other countries who visit will help pay down the debt, so will drug dealers, prostitutes, and illegal workers ( anyone who works for cash only ). They all spend cash at the local Wal-Mart ( look at the outfits Wal-Mart customers wear ) .

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; What is it going to be- reasons or results ? ( Art Tucker ).

Saturday, August 6, 2011

YOU are the DRUNK SINGER !!!!

   Last night I went out to play pool at the local hole in the wall. As I was Sitting there watching T.V. waiting to play free pool , this drunk dude started to sing. In his case ,  it sounded like a stuttering cow giving birth . And to top it off his ability to keep up with the beats was like a semi driving down the high way with 3 blown tires. He was bouncing all over the place and was 3 days late. What I am getting at was it was funny to hear and he thought he was the next American Idol winner.

  Have you ever been in a situation where someone at work , home , or a leader of an organization think they was all that and a bag of chips by the rules they had in place ? But everyone else was thinking " you are the drunk singer " ! Have you ever saw a parson dress so outrageous trying to be so cool they are not ? They are the drunk singer. Right now as I type this there are a lot of drunk singers in political office thinking they can sing ( make good laws or run things ) ,  but they can't.

  So next time you are in a situation where someone thinks they are hitting every note ( making rules or laws that you don't agree with or trying to act cool ) just turn to them and say ; " YOU ARE THE DRUNK SINGER ".

  P.S. I hope I did not offend any karaoke singers out there . I am just trying to make you smile and look at situations in a different way.

   YES, I am getting better. I hit the spell check button , and I only had 1 misspelled word . Not the 20-30 misspelled words like in the past.

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  QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation. ( Dr. Robert Schuller ).

Friday, August 5, 2011


  Before I get started, these blogs are just my thoughts and not really based off of anything but what I see in my unemployed world. This title fits into today's world situation. Look at the economy. The economy is ran on emotions. Remember 15-20 years ago ? The world economy was way better then it is now and people was happy and not worried about "tomorrow". Look at today's atmosphere , all you hear on T.V. or the radio is nothing but fear. It only makes sense to save for a rainy day, but come on !! Now the corporations and banks are saving for a typhoon that may never show up.

  Corporations for the most part are making record profits in today's job market, yet they are hoarding the cash , and their excuse is " we do not know what tomorrow will be like". With that mind set , this world economy will never get off of its feet. The betterment of tomorrow starts now and it starts with everyone having a positive outlook on life.

  Take this hoarding and pessimism into your personal life. If you use both concepts , then hoard your breath so you have air to breath for another day and be scared that the sun will burn your face when you are out side. You will end up staying in your house all curled up in a dark room passed out because you're worried about the future.

  So what's it going to be corporate world ???? Are you going to stay curled up passed out in a dark room ??? Or are you going to go outside play in the sun and take deep breaths ??? It's up to the way you think and nothing else !!!

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; The best way to predict the future is to invent it. ( Alan Kay ).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keep your refrigerator clean & don't let the ballon explode.

  The other day I opened my refrigerator looking for food , and all I found was science projects ( food with mold , past the life span ). And that got me to thinking how this relates to human emotions. If a person bottles up their emotions or feelings, their insides will turn into my refrigerator. That person will be empty except for the moldy food. Keeping that type of food in the fridge will make it smell real bad. So keeping emotions or feelings locked up and not let them out can or will cause health or emotional issues.

  Have you ever known a person who is an emotional wreck or into drugs ? Well they may have their fridge full of rotten food . If you do not open up that door and clean out your fridge , at some point it will be unopenable . Then they will be on medication or seeing a " professional " . If they had just cleaned out that fridge , then they could refill that fridge with fresh food . The fridge is your inner self and the food is your emotions.

  We are like a balloon, and our emotions is the air in the balloon. If you don't let the air out , the balloon will explode.  So let the air out of your balloon every now and then so it does not blow up.

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; IF you are angry  at a person or situation, then that person or situation owns you. Don't be owned by anyone or anything.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why thank you.

   Have you ever heard the term " all men are dogs"? I was thinking why people think that's a negative comment. To me I don't look at it that way. Hear me out. If you have a bad day at work, who is happy as all get out to see you when you walk in the house ? The dog. Who makes all kinds of noises to make sure strangers stay away from the house ? The dog. Who is by your side no matter how broke you are ? The dog. Who lays next to you when you're sick ? The dog. Who will eat out of the garbage or drink out of the toilet when you run out of food or water ? The dog.  Who does not have a problem of sleeping on the floor while you sleep in the bed ? The dog.

    So next time when someone says " all men are dogs " and you are a guy , just smile and say thank you . Because we all know who will be by your side no matter how crappy the situation gets. I never saw a dog take it's owner to court and ask for 50% because times are tough .

  This blog is for grins and to make you think of things from another angle. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.

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    QUOTE OF THE DAY ; We must have good domestic relations with ourselves before we can have good foreign relations with other. ( Rabbi Joshua Lothleibman )

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We may look alike, but we sure don't think alike.

  How many of you have been in a group of people having a nice talk ? Then some of the people  leave the group , who look different or live a different life style then you and the others . As soon as they are gone , there is that one person  who will start going off and belittling the people who left the group thinking that just because you look alike that you think alike. And the saddest part is that they are the ones acting like they are the friendliest ones out of the group when everyone is around. Whatever happened to the term " think before you talk"?

  I think in today's environment there are some people who go way out of their way to be inconsiderate of others ( and that's so sad ) , thinking if they look alike they must think alike. Or they are so hateful and uneducated of other life styles that they just do not care ,  and try to push their hateful ways onto others. Yes there is freedom of speech, but there is also freedom of responsibility as well.

  This world needs to celebrate diverse people whether it be religion , race , culture , the way people think ,  or who they decide to date or "marry". Everyone needs to spread happiness and peace. The way a person behaves or talks is contagious, so spread the love.

  Remember the next time you have thoughts going on in your head , think this before you talk ; " just because we look alike, we don't think alike".

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  QUOTE OF THE DAY ; People with humility don't think less of themselves-they just think about themselves less. ( Ken Blanchard )

Monday, August 1, 2011


  Before I get into the title of my "blog" , I will explain what auto-tune is for those who do not understand it. AUTO-TUNE ; Auto-Tune is a proprietary[2] audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies. Auto-Tune uses a phase vocoder to correct pitch in vocal and instrumental performances. It is used to disguise off-key inaccuracies and mistakes, and has allowed singers to perform apparently perfectly tuned vocal tracks without needing to sing in tune. While its main purpose is to slightly blend sung pitches to the nearest true semitone (to the exact pitch of the nearest tone in traditional equal temperament), Auto-Tune can be used as an effect to distort the human voice when pitch is raised or lowered significantly.[3] The overall effect to the discerning ear can be described as hearing, for example, the voice leap from note to note stepwise, like a synthesizer. ( Copied and pasted from wikipedia ). In other words auto-tune is used when a person sounds like crap when they sing or rap and it covers up their inability to perform.

   I think that there are a lot of people in this world that needs to auto-tune their attitude and ways in this life time. Have you ever worked with someone who has a crappy way of dealing with things at work? Tell them to auto-tune their life. How many have been a part of a corporation where the GREEDY C.E.O tried to reinvent the wheel ( fix a company procedure that ain't broke ) and their ideas ran the company in the ground? Well tell the next GREEDY C.E.O. to auto-tune their ideas. How many have family members who keep coming up with ideas that end up putting a strain on the family life? Tell them to auto-tune their ideas. How many have been keeping up with the recent news with the world leaders? ALL of them need to auto-tune their laws they pass and the way the treat others ( wars, arguing over bills that each side wants credit for and are the same except for who wrote it ). So many times this last few months I have wanted to tell the "political" leaders of this great country to auto-tune their behavior and ways of thinking because they are making AMERICA look like a BUTTERFACE NATION ( previous blog ).

   So next time you run across a person who has an idea that you think needs revamping, tell that person to AUTO-TUNE it. And let the rotten singers and rappers who use auto-tune remind you of this term when you hear them on the radio or at an awards show getting an award. Or we can change this great country to having real singers ( political leaders and corporate leaders ) who does not use auto-tune and who can sing with their real voice ( think in a rational and common sense way ).

   QUOTE OF THE DAY ; If I moved to Hollywood , I could have been a famous movie star . ; That means don't live off of what if's ( my dad ).