Friday, August 5, 2011


  Before I get started, these blogs are just my thoughts and not really based off of anything but what I see in my unemployed world. This title fits into today's world situation. Look at the economy. The economy is ran on emotions. Remember 15-20 years ago ? The world economy was way better then it is now and people was happy and not worried about "tomorrow". Look at today's atmosphere , all you hear on T.V. or the radio is nothing but fear. It only makes sense to save for a rainy day, but come on !! Now the corporations and banks are saving for a typhoon that may never show up.

  Corporations for the most part are making record profits in today's job market, yet they are hoarding the cash , and their excuse is " we do not know what tomorrow will be like". With that mind set , this world economy will never get off of its feet. The betterment of tomorrow starts now and it starts with everyone having a positive outlook on life.

  Take this hoarding and pessimism into your personal life. If you use both concepts , then hoard your breath so you have air to breath for another day and be scared that the sun will burn your face when you are out side. You will end up staying in your house all curled up in a dark room passed out because you're worried about the future.

  So what's it going to be corporate world ???? Are you going to stay curled up passed out in a dark room ??? Or are you going to go outside play in the sun and take deep breaths ??? It's up to the way you think and nothing else !!!

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ; The best way to predict the future is to invent it. ( Alan Kay ).

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