Saturday, August 6, 2011

YOU are the DRUNK SINGER !!!!

   Last night I went out to play pool at the local hole in the wall. As I was Sitting there watching T.V. waiting to play free pool , this drunk dude started to sing. In his case ,  it sounded like a stuttering cow giving birth . And to top it off his ability to keep up with the beats was like a semi driving down the high way with 3 blown tires. He was bouncing all over the place and was 3 days late. What I am getting at was it was funny to hear and he thought he was the next American Idol winner.

  Have you ever been in a situation where someone at work , home , or a leader of an organization think they was all that and a bag of chips by the rules they had in place ? But everyone else was thinking " you are the drunk singer " ! Have you ever saw a parson dress so outrageous trying to be so cool they are not ? They are the drunk singer. Right now as I type this there are a lot of drunk singers in political office thinking they can sing ( make good laws or run things ) ,  but they can't.

  So next time you are in a situation where someone thinks they are hitting every note ( making rules or laws that you don't agree with or trying to act cool ) just turn to them and say ; " YOU ARE THE DRUNK SINGER ".

  P.S. I hope I did not offend any karaoke singers out there . I am just trying to make you smile and look at situations in a different way.

   YES, I am getting better. I hit the spell check button , and I only had 1 misspelled word . Not the 20-30 misspelled words like in the past.

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  QUOTE OF THE DAY ; Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation. ( Dr. Robert Schuller ).

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